A Better Future - Mass Transit Now
When built out, our regional mass transit system can move up to a million people a day.

Sound Transit Proposition 1 protects the environment by reducing transportation-related pollution, creates affordable housing near light rail stations, provides needed transit options for seniors and people with disabilities, and invests in more than 44 million union work hours.

Protect the environment

In the Puget Sound Region, transportation is the top polluter of global warming and toxic stormwater runoff. When our region’s mass transit system is fully built out, it will reduce an estimated 793,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually — equivalent to stopping the burning of coal from 4,200 traincars. And with nearly a million riders on transit every day, fewer cars will be dripping oil onto the roadways and and into our waterways.6

sierraclubSound Transit Proposition 1 is endorsed by the Sierra Club, Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy, Blue Green Alliance, Climate Solutions, Citizens for a Healthy Bay, Earth Ministry, Forterra, Futurewise, Seattle 2030 District, Tahoma Audubon Society, Washington Businesses for Climate Action, Washington Conservation Voters, and Washington Environmental Council.

Take care of the most vulnerable

About a quarter of people are unable to drive or do not have access to vehicles.8 Sound Transit Proposition 1 will empower seniors, people with disabilities and those without access to a vehicle to live full and productive lives because they can access places they need to go such as work, the grocery store, doctor appointments and other destinations.

nfbwaSound Transit Proposition 1 is endorsed by the National Federation of the Blind, Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action, Tenants Right Union, Transit Riders Union, and SEIU.

Create a more socially just society

Access to transportation is the number one barrier to economic mobility.7 As an affordable, reliable transportation option, mass transit is a clear way up the economic ladder to opportunity, whether it’s access to school, college, or jobs.  In addition to connecting more than 80% of the region’s residents and 93% of the region’s jobs,9 Sound Transit Proposition 1 also invests $20 million and prioritizes agency-owned lands near light rail stations for affordable housing.10

oneameriaSound Transit Proposition 1 is endorsed by El Centro de la Raza, Housing Development Consortium of Seattle/King County, Low Income Housing Institute, OneAmerica, Puget Sound Sage, Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness, Tenants Rights Union, and many others.

Invest in Jobs

Sound Transit Proposition 1 will both help workers avoid congestion to get to work and create good-paying jobs along the way. Sound Transit Proposition 1 will create more than 220,000 jobs during construction, providing an estimated 9% of the region’s construction jobs in 2029.11

wslcSound Transit Proposition 1 is endorsed by the Washington State Labor Council AFL-CIO; Washington State Building and Construction Trades Council; Martin Luther King County Labor Council, and Pierce County Labor Council, and many other labor unions.