Avoid Congestion - Mass Transit Now
Sound Transit Proposition 1 provides workers with an alternative to rush hour congestion.

63hrsThe region’s roads are already at capacity.  Each year, workers in our region spend 63 hours stuck in traffic congestion. With nearly a million people projected to move to the region over the next few decades12, it’s critical that we invest in real transportation solutions that can help people get out of traffic.

16000anhourLight rail is the most efficient way to move people when traffic is worse.  A four-segment light rail train can move 16,000 people per hour. Meanwhile one freeway lane can move 2,000 cars per hour during normal traffic flow, and only 700 cars during peak congestion.3  In other words, light rail is up to 23 times more efficient at moving people when it matters most.

Dedicated transit lines, whether it’s light rail trains, commuter trains or bus rapid transit, are critical for moving people as our region continues to grow.