Eastside - Mass Transit Now


Proposition 1 connects Eastside cities and job centers to each other and the region — helping people avoid traffic congestion and making it easier to get around.
  • Extends the East Link light rail from Microsoft’s campus to Downtown Redmond.
  • Builds new light rail from South Kirkland to Issaquah.
  • Adds bus rapid transit on I-405 from Snohomish County to Renton, and on SR 522 from Bothell to the NE 145th Street Light Rail Station.
  • Provides interim additional express bus service.

Light Rail

A single light rail line can move 23-times the number of people as a freeway lane can move cars during rush hour.

  • Microsoft to Downtown Redmond: One year after East Link opens to the Microsoft Campus, Regional Proposition 1 will complete East Link to Downtown Redmond.
  • South Kirkland to Issaquah: Light rail alignment would connect the South Kirkland Park & Ride, Bellevue College and Central Issaquah, with a connection to East Link at the Wilberton station.

Bus Rapid Transit

I-405 and SR 522 are two of the most congested highways in the region.  Proposition 1 creates dedicated bus lines in the corridors, making it easier to avoid the traffic.

  • Burien to Renton on I-405 and SR 518.
  • Renton to Bothell on I-405.
  • Bothell to Shoreline/Seattle Light Rail Station on SR 522.

ST Express Bus Service

While the light rail and bus rapid transit projects are built, Proposition 1 makes quick investments in better bus service.

  • Add 27,820 hours to the ST Express buses for East King County.
  • Build a park & ride station in North Sammamish.