Seattle, Shoreline & Lake Forest Park - Mass Transit Now

Seattle, Shoreline & Lake Forest Park

Proposition 1 connects Seattle’s neighborhoods from Ballard and Pinehurst to the Rainier Valley and West Seattle with new light rail lines and stations. And Shoreline and Lake Forest Park a new bus rapid transit line via NE 145th Street and SR 522 from Jackson Park to Bothell. With the fully built-out mass transit system, people will be able to connect to regional employment centers in Seattle throughout the entire region.

Light Rail

Ridership increased 83 percent since new stations opened in Capitol Hill and the University of Washington. Proposition 1 will add two light-rail extensions in Seattle.

  • Downtown Seattle to West Seattle: Extends light rail with stations serving the sports stadiums, SODO, Delridge, Avalon and Alaska Junction.
  • Downtown Seattle to Ballard: Extends light rail with stations serving International District/Chinatown, Midtown, Westlake, Denny, South Lake Union, Seattle Center, Smith Cove, Interbay and Ballard.
  • NE 130th Street Light Rail Station
  • S Graham Street Light Rail Station

Bus Rapid Transit

SR 522 is one of the most congested highways in the region, and Madison Street is a major bus route for thousands of Seattle residents commuting from the Central District to Downtown. Proposition 1 creates dedicated bus lines in these key corridors, making it easier to avoid the traffic.

  • NE 145th Light Rail Station (Jackson Park) to Bothell on SR 522. Park & ride facilities will be added in Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, Kenmore and Bothell.
  • Madison Street Bus Rapid Transit.  Provides additional funding to make the planned Madison Street Bus Rapid Transit line even better.

Better Bus Service

Proposition 1 funds capital improvements for better bus speed and reliability, and increases interim ST Express Bus Service until the light rail system is built out.

  • Traffic Signal and Bus Priority:  Investments made on Madison Street BRT and facilities used by Metro’s RapidRide C and D lines
  • Intersection Improvements: Capital investment to improve intersections of Northeast 145th Street