Snohomish County - Mass Transit Now

Snohomish County

Proposition 1 — helps people avoid traffic congestion and reduce commute times by connecting Snohomish County cities to the region’s mass transit system.
  • Connecting Everett and Paine Field with light rail to Lynnwood and the region.
  • Connecting Lynnwood Transit Center to Bothell and Bellevue with bus rapid transit on I-405.
  • Improving ST Express bus service.
  • Adding parking at the Sounder commuter rail stations in Edmonds and Mukilteo.

Light Rail

A single light rail line can move 16,000 people per hour — 23-times the number of cars a freeway lane can move during rush hour.

  • Everett to Lynnwood & the Region: Extends light rail from the Lynnwood Station (opens in 2023), to Everett.
  • Paine Field to Boeing Field: The light rail extension to Everett is routed through the Paine Field Industrial Jobs Center.  With an additional new light rail station at Boeing Field, aerospace workers will have an affordable transit option to avoid congestion and get to their jobs across the region.

Sounder Commuter Rail

Parking can be tough at North Sounder Commuter rail stations. Proposition 1 helps relieve the stress of finding a spot to park and ride.

  • Added parking at Edmonds and Mukilteo Sounder stations.

Bus Rapid Transit

I-405 is one of the most congested highways in the region. Proposition 1 creates dedicated bus lines in the corridors, making it easier to avoid the traffic.

  • Lynnwood to Bothell, Bellevue, and Renton on I-405.
  • Bothell to Shoreline/Seattle light rail station on SR 522.

ST Express Bus Service

While the light rail and bus rapid transit projects are built, Proposition 1 makes quick investments in better bus service

  • Add 12,804 hours to the ST Express buses for Snohomish County.
  • Dedicated bus lanes on I-5 shoulders.