South King County - Mass Transit Now

South King County

Proposition 1 helps people avoid traffic congestion and reduce commute times in South King County.
  • Increasing Sounder commuter rail service.
  • Connecting light rail from SeaTac and Federal Way to Tacoma and Seattle.
  • Adding light rail stations at Highline College and Boeing Field.
  • Adding a bus rapid transit line from Burien to Renton, Bellevue and Lynnwood via I-405.

Sounder Commuter Rail

South Sounder Commuter rail is at capacity today. Proposition 1 expands service and capacity, making it more reliable and easier to get around.

  • Improvements to South Sounder including additional service and platform extensions.
  • Additional parking around stations.
  • Pedestrian and bike improvements to access stations.
  • Southern extension to Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), and DuPont.

Light Rail

A single light rail line can move 16,000 people per hour – 23-times the number of cars a freeway lane can move during rush hour.

  • Angle Lake to Highline College & Federal Way: Extends light rail from the new Angle Lake station in SeaTac to Highline College in Kent / Des Moines, to SW 272nd Street in Federal Way, and to the Federal Way Transit Center.
  • Federal Way to Tacoma Dome: Connecting 9.7 miles to the region’s light rail system, providing reliable transit to Tacoma, SeaTac Airport, and Downtown Seattle that avoids I-5’s traffic congestion.
  • New infill station at Boeing Field: The new station at Boeing Field will provide an affordable, reliable transit option for workers.

Bus Rapid Transit

I-405 and SR 522 are two of the most congested highways in the region. Proposition 1 creates dedicated bus lines in the corridors, making it easier to avoid the traffic.

  • Burien to Renton on I-405 and SR 518.
  • Renton to Bellevue and Bothell on I-405.

ST Express Bus Service

While the light rail and bus rapid transit projects are built, Proposition 1 makes quick investments in better bus service.

  • Add 10,700 hours to the ST Express buses for South King County.