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Sound Transit sets records for light rail ridership

Ridership on Link light rail on weekdays was up 76 percent over last year, Sound Transit reported Thursday.

That’s an average of 63,577 riders each weekday from April to June, the second quarter of this year, according to a news release. The biggest day was April 8, when an estimated 82,361 riders boarded trains, one of 10 record-breaking days.

The boost in ridership can be largely attributed to the opening of the University and Capitol Hill stations, which have proven hugely popular since they opened in mid-March.

Ridership almost immediately jumped after the opening, to numbers well beyond what Sound Transit predicted.

“The results could not be clearer – people love having a fast, reliable way to get where they need to go,” said Sound Transit Chairman and King County Executive Dow Constantine in the release. “Sound Transit will roll out many miles of new Link light rail service, starting next month at Angle Lake. We will meet the region’s growing transit needs, giving people a fast, reliable alternative to sitting in traffic.”

Commuter rail service was up as well, at 12 percent over the same quarter last year, and ST Express buses saw a jump of 8 percent.

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