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North Seattle Declares Support for Expanded Light Rail Service

Media Contact: James Canning


September 29, 2016

North Seattle Declares Support for Expanded Light Rail Service

SEATTLE – City Councilmember Debora Juarez alongside Seattle residents from Pinehurst, Haller Lake and other nearby neighborhoods declared their support for Proposition 1 during a press conference this morning in north Seattle.

Proposition 1 proponents gathered at the Park and Ride located north of Northeast 130th Street on the east side of I-5; the site where Sound Transit will construct an elevated Link light rail station as part of the Lynnwood Link Extension Project, with voter approval of Proposition 1.

“We have strong, visionary community advocates in District 5 that embrace a future with increased density around their new light rail station,” said Councilmember Juarez. “Building the Northeast 130th Street Station will enhance the quality of life of busy working families, seniors and people with disabilities. Proposition 1 will provide our residents with easier access to frequent, reliable transit and a way out of congestion.”

As part of Sound Transit’s 3½ year planning process, extensive community outreach resulted in input from nearly 40,000 people from King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties.

District 5 residents and neighborhood associations, together with Councilmember Juarez, successfully made their case to the Sound Transit Board to include the NE 130th Station in the final plan.

“The Sound Transit community input process on the draft plans provided our community the chance to make a case for our vision; and the process worked,” said Jesse Piedfort, a Haller Lake resident. “The result is a regional plan that creates more high-capacity rail that will connect people from this neighborhood to the light rail system spine, allowing us to more easily reach other Seattle neighborhoods, as well as cities around the region — without the hassle of fighting horrible traffic.”

The Northeast 130th Station is just one of many transit projects Seattle will receive with voter approval of Proposition 1.

  • Downtown Seattle to West Seattle: Extends light rail with stations serving the sports stadiums, SODO, Delridge, Avalon and Alaska Junction. (Expected opening 2030)
  • Downtown Seattle to Ballard: Extends light rail with stations serving International District/Chinatown, Midtown, Westlake, Denny, South Lake Union, Seattle Center, Smith Cove, Interbay and Ballard. (Expected opening 2035)
  • Express Bus Investments: Investments made on Madison Street BRT and facilities used by Metro’s RapidRide C and D lines while the new light rail lines are being built.
  • Infill Stations: Two infill stations serving Northeast 130th Street and South Graham Street. (Expected opening 2031)

Proposition 1 completes a reliable light rail system of 116 miles and over 80 stations, making it easier for people to travel between King, Snohomish and Pierce counties. This measure will create a full-scale transit network that adds new bus rapid transit on I-405 and SR-522, along with expanded Sounder commuter rail, in addition to 62 miles of new light rail service.

Visit for more information on Proposition 1.