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Real Change Editorial Board Endorses Sound Transit Prop. 1

Proposition No. 1

Vote yes

Prop. 1 would enact the largest expansion of Sound Transit’s light-rail, commuter-rail and bus rapid transit ever. The $53.8 billion property tax would extend Seattle’s current single line of light rail to multiple lines reaching from Everett to Tacoma and Ballard to Issaquah.

The expansion would be paid for with a property tax of 25 cents or less per $1,000 of assessed value. An average household in Snohomish, King or Pierce counties would pay $400 more in property, sales and car taxes, including new and current taxes.

The committee narrowly endorsed this measure and disagreed on several points.

The majority agreed that we need more options. They were encouraged by the transit-oriented development and efforts to set aside space for affordable housing.

Supporters argued that the region needs a transit system that does not rely on roads, and some noted that the rail stations would make it easier for them to travel through their communities.

Opponents argued that a faster and cheaper alternative is creating a larger, more robust bus system; that even property taxes are regressive, meaning that they hit low-income taxpayers harder than wealthy tax payers; and that former Metro Director Chuck Collins opposed this effort.

Others noted that transit changes planned for their regions would not improve their travel times, if the new stations even open in their lifetimes.

The majority voted in favor.

Please vote yes.