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We Just Can’t Afford to Fail: a Prop 1 Poem

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The Washington Environmental Council’s Sameer Ranade has been working for climate justice for years; he served as an intern at the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality and worked as an organizer for the U.S. Green Building Council. He also loves hip-hop.

As an active supporter of Sound Transit Proposition 1, he’s been thinking a lot about rapid transit and rail expansion. Often, he thinks in rhymes. Here’s an original work he created in support of  Proposition 1.

Motivated to combat climate change

I know we’ll do it if more people can ride the Sounder train

I can’t wait till more platform capacity is attained

We can create green careers as we cut the heat trapping carbon that enters the atmosphere

When fully built out it will cut about 800,000 tons of GHGs a year

Why bother driving when you can catch a rapid bus

That the clean air rule gives you commute trip reduction points is a plus

Create a transportation system that is efficient robust and socially just

And completes the mission set out by Forward Thrust

There is much on the line my mind is RP1 or bust

We just can’t afford to fail  

I-5 traffic moves at the pace of a snail

Road rage makes people honk and yell

If we build it they’ll ride light rail

Construct a robust public transportation system to scale

Thus far passing a carbon limit has been to no avail

But we can cut we see emissions sliced absent a carbon price

By making our light rail system increase in size five times

To your destination you’ll arrive fine with the Sounder

Cut as much carbon as you do from not eating a quarter pounder

Don’t want to see the economy flounder

But it’ll happen if the traffic keeps getting slower

And I want to be a job grower

Design an efficient transportation system to make emissions lower

Sure we must electrify everything from leaf blowers to lawn mowers

But our GHG reduction goals are deep

Let’s design our cities smartly

make it easy to be car free

to pass Waxman Markey

we got to try to unify society like Marley

I want regional prop 1 one to win by 90%

If we pass a tax to pay low-income rent

It means we care

And are aware

Affordable housing is fair

And reduces the emissions put into the air

I support building along rail stations

We have plenty of room to spare!

If you do drive, please try to ride in pairs

The northwest is so pristine

The air is fresh and clean

To preserve it our transportation sector has to got to be green

Over half the energy consumed in our region comes from gasoline

Puget sound suffers from oil slicks like Vaseline

I’m going to dress up like sound transit 3 on Halloween

Trick or treat

Vote for me to get more cars of the streets

Always rep the ballot measure

Vote for RP1 if our environment you treasure!